Jesco Flex Up RGB tape LED


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Jesco Flex Up RGB tape LED
Jesco Flex Up RGB tape LED strip. One foot segment with connectors at either end.
Each segment is 3.8 watts.
LED's are 5/8" apart. Each LED module contains 1 red, 1 green, and 1 blue diode.
Strip includes adhesive tape on back for mounting. An aluminum mounting channel is also available.
Can be cut every 4" but this should be at the end of a run since after cutting there will be no connector to join to the next piece.
Max length per 60 watt power supply is 18 ft. For longer run lengths, please call.
This is a 24 volt system.

A complete system would include:
- RGB Power Connector (JESLED.FLEX.RGB.PC)
- Power supply (JESLED.DL.PS.60/24)
- Controller (JESLED.LC.180.RF)
- Power Supply connector (JESLED.DL.PS.PT.M)

The Jesco controllers have several built-in programs to cycle the lights through various patterns. The lights can also be connected to DMX based controllers for customized patterns, but the strips are not "addressable"- all strips connected together will act like one light.

Quantity Per Box: Jesco RGB LED strip


Price: $38.46

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